Mashup Television

It was just like radio with moving pictures now its something else?

All new mashup videos are now back online in the video section and now they all come with a download option (videos 2 for 2017 onwards and the other videos for older and some updated one's as well)

On Monday July 9th 2018 Vimeo who now own Livestream will be closing down all the free accounts including the one for Mashup Television.  As I have no intention of paying a lot of money for half of what I have been getting for free for ten years Mashup Television will be no more.  So from then on this will be just for all my new mashup videos I make, thanks to everyone who watched over the last 10 years and to all the video mashers who made it what it was.

Well it looks like Mashup Television has gone, here's a little something I made recently which sums up what I think about it all  



Streaming Non-Stop Mashup Videos 24/7 since 2008

not anymore sadly  

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